About Us

At uRepublican we provide a social networking atmosphere where other like-minded Republicans can gather together virtually to discuss current events in politics as well as things that affect our political views. Issues and plans that we are for and those that we are against. We can discuss ways that we can make a difference to change plans for the better according to our beliefs and our Republican agenda.

As Republicans we believe that the federal government should have no choices when it comes to making decisions within our personal lives. Our views are quite conservative for the majority of us, and we believe that we should be able to think for ourselves. It is important that we take part in discussing situations such as the lowering of our tax money that we work hard for. We all work hard for our money and we deserve to be entitled to at least most of our funds. Funding for social programs should come from other sources, and not that of the people who work hard for their earnings.

Of course as Republicans we do have our differences, and we may not all see completely eye to eye on the same subjects, but we all generally agree on the majority of the topics at which we stand for at uRepublican. As a group in a social outlet we can also bring topics and certain events to the light that some of us may not completely understand. Giving advice, support, as well as a better understanding of our views is what we are about at uRepublican.

In America, for the past 40 years there hasn’t been very much of a change when it comes to the President being able to make the decisions to execute the ideas of proposals that have been made. Republican presidents have been in control of the White House since 1987, and the Democrats have had control over Congress. This is what many of us have witnessed as a government being divided. This is said to possibly cause chaos for the future, with both Republicans and Democrats continuously bumping heads on the ideas of how we should handle important matters within our country.

While the world of online social media continues to grow, we thought it would be great to make use of the social media world coming together to create groups, offer ideas, and post statuses on timelines for others to see. Keeping your fellow Republicans up to date with politics by uploading helpful videos to your page is another great way to create a social topic of discussion.

So what exactly will you get out of this?

A better understanding of who we are as Republicans, a better understanding of the political events that are occurring our country, what we can do to change current events to benefit the Republican Party, and possible lifelong relationships from your group discussions.

You never know what you will be able to offer other fellow Republicans until you join and create your membership today with uRepublican.